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Lifestyle in IVF - Physical Exercises

Can IVF pregnancy lead to weight gain? Is it safe to work out during an IVF treatment? It is evident that the hormonal medications during the treatment can initiate weight gain.

And so, exercising regularly can help in your fertility and IVF journey. It can help balance your hormones, maintain a good metabolism, helps in blood circulation, and healthy weight management. Regular exercises ensure the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormones) for a stress-relieving pregnancy experience. Studies suggest that fertility exercises before an IVF cycle do improve clinical pregnancy rates.

IVF fertility treatment stimulates the ovary to produce more follicles and mature eggs than normal. Intense physical exertion can stress the body and prevent this process. The only requirement here is that you will need to ramp down rigorous workouts, fertility exercise frequently in moderation. An exercise regime advised by your fertility expert along with the following tips is more conducive towards a successful IVF cycle and healthy pregnancy.

Exercising tips for IVF Success

  • Avoid high-intense exercises : You will need to refrain from regular running, lifting heavy weights, jumping, bending, too much stretching, biking and marathons. Internal injuries or strains can impact reproductive health. Studies have shown that an intensive work out regime can hamper ovulation and inhibit progesterone production leading to reduced conception rates. Even fertility specialists advise moderate easy activities while pursuing fertility treatments.
  • Exercise for stability and flexibility : Keep the cardio workouts at bay during the IVF cycle as these might impact its success rates. Various low-impact options such as yoga and gentle walks can increase your strength, flexibility for an easy pregnancy and childbirth process.
  • Rest whenever required : Fertility medications have potential side effects like abdominal cramps, bloating, fatigue, and discomfort. Unwinding during these times is very much needed. Listen to your body, do not push yourself, and take a rest whenever your body demands.
  • Learn to relieve stress through exercise : Fertility Exercise is not only about weight loss or keeping healthy, it is also a medium of relieving stress. If you are away from exercising, foster a relationship with light exercises under expert guidance for a stress-relieving experience.
  • Learn when to exercise and how to exercise : You must abstain from physical activities for certain periods during your fertility treatment especially during stimulation, egg retrieval phase, and a 15 days after embryo transfer although light walk can be taken.
At Omya Fertility Centre in Delhi, you get continuous expert guidance on the different forms and duration of fertility exercise from fertility specialists and fitness coaches.

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