First of all, It’s important that before anything else, you take care of yourself and give yourself time to grieve. A failed IVF cycle does not mean that you should not try again. You must understand that the probability of pregnancy after one embryo transfer is only about 40-50% and around 87.5 % after three transfers, so be hopeful and positive. Understandably, you must be undergoing a roller coaster of emotions- anger, frustration, hopelessness, and despair and must be lost and unsure of what to do next.

Do not worry, we are here with this article to guide you about what you can do after a failed IVF cycle, the steps that will help you prepare for the next one, and when you should begin your next IVF cycle. Meanwhile, Also Explore “No symptoms after embryo transfer is that normal”.

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1. What can be the reasons for failed IVF cycle?

Some of the most common reasons for failed IVF cycle can be:

A. Age of the women: As the age increases, the number and quality of eggs decrease. Women above 40 have a 15% chance of success if their own eggs are used. Donor eggs or frozen embryos at her younger age can increase the chances. people often ask “how to make ivf successful the first time“. in order to find more, continue reading.

B. Quality of the embryo: A weak embryo, even if implanted very carefully, may not be able to grow further. Therefore a healthy embryo is essential for a successful IVF cycle. Lifestyle factors: Unhealthy lifestyle, including smoking, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy diet, may result in an IVF failure.

C. Chromosomal issues: chromosomal disorders of the embryo may lead to implant failures.

D. Lack of desired skills: Although not very common, if the IVF procedure is not performed skillfully with desired acumen and precision, it may fail.

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2. What should you do after a failed IVF cycle?

The first and the most important step is- not to blame yourself for the IVF failure. Usually, there are some medical reasons for failed IVF cycle.

Other steps which you can take may be:

#1. Try to know the cause of your IVF cycle failure

To begin with, have a detailed discussion with your fertility doctor to find out why your IVF failed. Whether the causes can occur again, how they can be corrected during the next cycle, etc. Your doctor may suggest some tests, additional technologies, and medical modifications like:

Some different medicines: Alterations of hormonal medicines or their dosage may be needed

Genetic screening: A preimplantation genetic screening may help to identify genetically abnormal embryos because of any chromosomal issues that may be incapable of producing a healthy baby


It helps to improve the success rate of IVF

Using donor eggs or donor embryos:

If the egg quality is poor, donor eggs are helpful, or if fertilization is not proper due to infertile sperms or eggs, donor embryo helps to improve the success rate of an IVF cycle.

Adding ICSI: When male infertility exists, intracytoplasmic sperm injection helps address this issue.

#2. Have realistic expectations about your next IVF cycle: Discuss how likely you are to get pregnant after your next cycle and how worth the next try would be.

#3. Make sure that you are ready: Take your time and take a break after a failed IVF cycle, as it is heartbreaking and devastating. Please do not rush into decisions, and it is very important to revive yourself emotionally, physically, and financially before you go ahead with the next cycle.

#4. Choose your doctor and centre wisely: Always choose a doctor with specified qualifications and experience with infertility and associated with a reputed IVF centre with good success rates. Always try to talk to people who have had IVF under that doctor and the centre before and know their feedback.

#5. Do not google too much on the internet: Do not delve too deep into the internet as it is full of false information too. Although authentic information can be helpful, knowing what is authentic is difficult. Once you choose your doctor and centre wisely, trust them, follow their instructions religiously, and be open to sharing your queries and concerns.

#6. Consider modifications needed: Sometimes minor changes can do wonders like taking up some meditation and yoga exercises to remain calm and positive, reading good books or listening to music which relaxes you and helps to relieve stress, taking supplements to improve egg quality, taking a healthy and nutritious diet, working out, etc. Always make these changes on your doctor’s recommendation or advice.

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3. What is the right time to attempt the next cycle after a failed IVF?

There is no fixed time between the first and the next IVF cycle. Usually, once the cause is diagnosed and rectifications are identified, you can set up to go for a second attempt. But if there is no specific cause of failure, then it’s for you to decide when to go for the next IVF cycle. It would be helpful if you waited until you are healed physically, emotionally, and financially from this trauma and prepare for a joyful journey that awaits you.

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4. Takeaway

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