Self Care Tips & Blood Tests Before Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization

Prerequisites of an IVF treatment cycle

Considering In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) itself is a big decision and before you undergo an IVF treatment, taking care of yourself, preparing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally is an equally important step of the IVF treatment procedure.
Almost a couple of months before the treatment, the fertility specialist starts studying the menstrual cycle and has a review of your medical history. Once the basic assessments are done, some of the IVF tests may be performed on you and your partner.

Pre IVF Tests:

These tests are done before an IVF cycle to understand the underlying infertility conditions.

  • Ovarian reserve testing to check the number of quality eggs that can be produced by the ovaries
  • Hormonal assay in both men and women
  • Hysteroscopy- Assessment of the uterine cavity
  • Semen analysis in men
  • Screening of infectious diseases in men and women
  • Ultrasound including transvaginal ultrasound
  • Any other tests recommended by the infertility specialist

These tests assess the reproductive health status of the couple. Assessment of thyroid and Prolactin hormones, blood tests, genetic tests, Vitamin D analysis, Hysterosalpingogram, hysterosonogram are other tests that can be considered before an IVF treatment.

Self-care tips before an IVF:

  • Try reconsidering your diet. Having healthy eating habits with more fertility-enhancing foods such as green vegetables, lean protein, etc can help you through the IVF cycle.
  • Preparing your body to undergo the laborious process of hormonal injections, scans and tests is essential. Exercising moderately, yoga, meditation can bring about hormonal balance within and at the same time improve physical fitness.
  • Avoid strenuous workouts, work out in your comfort zone, and do not exercise once the IVF process commences.
  • Say no to alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, or even caffeine till the completion of pregnancy.
  • It is important to understand no two IVF treatments are the same. You may go through obstacles during the IVF procedure, keep yourself mentally strong and emotionally fit by engaging yourself in positive talks, hobbies of interest, etc.
  • Try reducing stress, have a good amount of sleep, take ample rest, less traveling, and adventure during the treatment procedure.
  • Try not to miss your appointments with fertility specialists, scans, or tests.
  • Follow the routine and take the fertility medications, supplements required to improve fertility .

At OMYA, our experienced panel of infertility treatment doctors guide you through the pre-requirements of IVF and prepare you for a smooth and stress-free IVF.

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