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“Perhaps the Earth can teach us as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive”


Our functioning at ‘OMYA’ draws its reinforcement from MOTHER EARTH wherein we strengthen your faith in ‘Preservation of life ‘ which is the central objective of human existence. Indeed unnatural and Miraculous conception does not compromise one’s chastity or submissiveness to God rather it is a sign of their submission to God who chooses them to conceive progeny.

Our team of Experienced Doctors are committed to give life to your offspring. Thus bringing happiness and exuberance in your life for ever.

What makes us different ?

At Omya, we apply cutting edge science in a comfortable space to deliver the best results in our field. We offer a full suite of embryology and andrology fertility services in one, convenient location.

From accommodating your busy schedule to comfortable waiting areas and convenient communication, everything that we do at each of our locations is focused on putting patients’ needs first, including equipping our lab with the latest advances in reproductive medicine.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

At Omya you are in hands of most experienced reproductive specialist who take you through your IVF journey smoothly in a very sophisticated environment. Dr. Seema Bajaj is a wellknown name in the field of IVF and a renowned infertility doctor having more than 15 years of experience.

Where science Meets Passion?

We have a full-time In house Lab Scientist and Senior Embryologist with vast experience in ICSI, Laser hatching, PGD, and our treatments are always individualized and planned meticulously as we believe each individual has unique requirements.

We keep our IVF lab environment exceptional and maintain zero VOC count in our lab. Bio Clad hygienic wall cladding ensures the highest standards of hygiene in the IVF lab and operation theatre in our center.

Transparent and Smooth Process

The whole process of the IVF treatment cycle is transparent where the patient can see her own embryos live.

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