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Introduction about Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is a well-established procedure followed for twenty years now. Today, fertility preservation finds many options such as tissue preservation, shielding of gonads, and many more. Knowing about the basics of fertility preservation, its benefits, the varied fertility preservation options opens doors for future reproduction possibilities.

What is fertility preservation?

Fertility preservation is a technique that enables you to save or preserve the eggs (ovum), sperms, the fertilized egg (embryo), and the reproductive tissues to have biological children in the future.

Who can benefit from it?

People who have certain diseases, genetic conditions, or any future events that affect fertility are known to benefit from fertility preservation. Some of the fertility preservation indications are described below:

  • Delay in having children : It is observed that increasing age can hamper fertility in both men and women. So, preserving fertility at a young age is an option that can be considered to have children later in life.
  • Cancer treatment is likely to happen : Treatment of cancer such as gynecological cancer, prostate or testicular cancer, and many more uses radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery that can impair fertility, egg, and sperm-producing cells as well. If you are likely to undergo treatment for cancer, you can think of preserving fertility for future pregnancy.
  • Chemical exposure : For people who are constantly exposed to chemicals in their workplace are submitted to toxic chemicals which makes it necessary for them to opt for fertility preservation.
  • Women with Endometriosis and uterine fibroids : Women with endometriosis are at a higher risk of having decreased ovarian reserves. Uterine fibroids and other non-cancerous uterine tumors also interfere with fertility by causing deformation of the uterine lining. Oocyte vitrification (egg freezing) can benefit women having endometriosis and/or fibroids.
  • Autoimmune diseases and genetic conditions : Certain autoimmune disorders such as lupus erythematosus and genetic disorders can harm fertility. These conditions may require fertility preservation solutions that can enable having children

What are the fertility preservation options available?

Different fertility-preservation options are :

Fertility-preservation options for women:

How Omya can help you in Fertility Preservation?

The methodologies of preservation such as oocyte preservation, sperm vitrification, Embryo freezing performed at OMYA fertility centre are aimed to accomplish the dreams of parenthood of many from different walks of life.

Our labs substantiate our passion; We have well-equipped laboratories with all the necessary equipment and techniques that execute quality and safe preservation. Proper identification and preserving methods are practiced with unique identification codes that are easily retrievable. Our well-knit team of specialists works meticulously in this advanced field of cryopreservation and provides the strongest possible support during your treatment with us.

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