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OMYA Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority and the privacy policy of OMYA Fertility Centre describes how OMYA fertility clinics safeguard and protect the information that you share at our website. We, at OMYA, are committed to secure your details and so this privacy policy defines the flow of your information/ details provided on our website.

WAYS WE COLLECT THE INFORMATION : Our website gives you a variety of information about our clinic, and the wide range of services we offer. To cater you the best of the services in healthcare and wellness, we do ask you for your details as in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the reason for approaching us through our “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT” tab.

We are inclined to provide more customer-centric solutions and individualized treatment. We have a special Whatsapp link where we can personally interact with you to help you with the best infertility treatment in Delhi at our infertility centers.

WAYS WE USE THE DETAILS PROVIDED: While you provide the information and click on the “ okay ”or “ send ”button, you give us your acceptance to contact you.

We do understand your privacy and secure your details while we use them to provide better services in the following ways.

  • We internally record your information to help you with the right treatment solution even in the near future.
  • We can use the data to improve our services and products.
  • We may mail you, call you with some special offers and services at our clinic that can benefit you.
  • Our research team may contact you to guide you with the latest in technological advancement or the latest wellness offer.
  • Our marketing group can fax, mail, or call you to take your feedback and review our services.

HOW WE SECURE YOUR INFORMATION: We assure you that the information provided by you is secured and used only for our internal audit purpose. The information is kept in a highly secured zone without physical or electronic intervention.

We follow the rule of the land and we do not disclose your information to third parties until and unless we receive your permission to do so or it is mandatorily required by the law of the land.

WHY WE USE COOKIES : When you enter our website of OMYA fertility center, we send small files called cookies that get stored in your computer. Once you accept the cookies, they are placed on the hard disk of your computer.

We use certain types of cookies called traffic log cookies that will help us know the pages of interest and web information that is more accessed and less accessed to improve our website and to provide you the right information.

We use the information for our statistical data purposes. You also have an option to decline the cookies. However, by declining the cookies, the information or data you receive from our end will also be restricted.

OTHER WEBSITES: We do not hold any security or protection over the information shared on other websites that are linked or unlinked to our website. Our privacy policy is restricted to the website and its pages attached to our website.

For any information and more details on privacy policy or if you do not want to directly email us with your query/problem, you can send us mail at [email protected]. We are always available to provide you the best fertility treatment and offer you the right health solution.

KINDLY NOTE: The Privacy policy will be updated regularly with changes in the guidelines of the right to Information Technology ( I-T ) Act.

  • Terms “you”, “your”, “yourself” refers to the customers or the user
  • Terms “we”, “our”, “ourselves”, “us” refer to OMYA fertility Centre.

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