IUI Success Rate

Intrauterine Insemination, IUI treatment is recommended for various fertility concerns and has been known to help many couples, single mothers to experience parenthood. During the IUI procedure, the sperms surpass the vaginal and cervical journey to directly get dropped into the uterus for further fertilization in the fallopian tubules. This artificial insemination procedure minimizes the sperm journey. However, the chances of a successful IUI in Delhi, India depend on a spectrum of factors. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • Age of the women: Women’s age is an essential factor because the age of the women can decide egg quality and its production. As the age of the women increases, the egg count and quality decline. Older women have a lower possibility of IUI success rate in india.
  • Ovarian stimulation cycle: In the IUI procedure, the ovarian stimulation process is crucial. The excess hormones during stimulation can increase the egg count and at the same time decrease the egg quality. Production of more eggs can result in multiple pregnancies causing a high pregnancy risk and reduced IUI success chances.
  • The thickness of the endometrium: An optimal uterine lining is required for implantation and pregnancy. Studies show that the uterine lining of 8-10 mm thick is more likely to cause a successful IUI pregnancy.
  • Infertility reason: Analysis of the reason causing infertility is necessary before an IUI. During IUI, the sperm is placed in the uterus. The sperm need to find their way towards the egg in the uterus. Causes of infertility such as

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What is IUI's success rate?

IUI success rates in india can be expressed either through pregnancy success rate (IUI converted into a successful pregnancy) or live birth rate ( IUI pregnancy converted into successful childbirth).

IUI success rate is mentioned as the cumulative success rate. In other words, if IUI pregnancy is unsuccessful in the first attempt, the success rate can increase in the second attempt and so on until the 4th consecutive IUI attempt. Studies prove that the IUI success chances after the 4th cycle are rare and should move ahead with other Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

If we consider the IUI success rate in india between the artificial insemination by husband (AIH) and artificial insemination by donor (AID). The chances of AID is higher than AIH because donor sperm are more likely to have increased sperm quality.

In a 30-year-old woman with infertility the IUI success rate is about 20% per month depending on the medications being used.

We recommend that semen be collected at the clinic and processed within 30 minutes of collection to maximize pregnancy rates.Hence IUI are best done at centres where semen washing is done in the premises.

IUI’s success rate plays a significant role while selecting the clinic for the artificial insemination procedure. Connect with OMYA Infertility Centre in Delhi for details of IUI, success rates of AIH, AID procedures, and overall clinic’s success statistics.

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