In Vitro Fertilization Success Rate in India


Understand the success rate calculations

IVF success rate is the pregnancy success rate after an IVF treatment. We often find the term “success rates” when we browse through the IVF clinic’s website. The success rates are generally calculated by first finding the fraction between the total number of IVF birth rates with the total number of embryo transfers done and later the percentage is calculated. Every clinic has success rates that are calculated on the basis of the number of IVF embryos transferred and the number of fruitful IVF pregnancies.

Ways of IVF success rate calculation

There are two main ways of calculating the IVF success rate. Namely;

  • Live birth rate
  • Pregnancy rate

Pregnancy rates are calculated based on the successful embryo transfer done or successful IVF performed. Many clinics display their IVF success achievement through pregnancy rates as live birth rates take an extended period of 36-37 weeks for the completion of pregnancy and childbirth. The IVF live birth rate can give you clarity on the fruitful accomplishment of the IVF procedure. At OMYA, we provide you details of both pregnancy rates as well as live birth rates that help you decide while you choose an adept and trustful IVF centre.

IVF Success rates and IVF cycle statistics

Statistical evidence has shown that more than one IVF cycle can increase the possibility of IVF success rate. Almost an average of 2.7 cycles is the calculation for a woman to give birth through IVF treatment. However, it is necessary to note that one does not always need to undergo multiple IVF cycles; it is evident that IVF success is definitely possible even in its first attempt.
An average success rate in India according to AIIMS is around 32 – 35 %. However, the success rate can be more dependent on many factors such as age,quality of egg ,sperm and embryo, previous pregnancy, IVF laboratory condition -Laboratory quality is the foundation of every IVF program.

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Selection of an IVF center through IVF success rates

Some of the key considerations while choosing an IVF center are:

  • Knowing the difference between the pregnancy rate calculation and the live birth rate calculation of IVF can help during the selection process. It is mostly seen that pregnancy rates can be slightly higher than the live birth rates.
  • Other criteria to keep in mind is the number of IVF cycles performed by the IVF center. Sometimes, the Clinic’s success rate may be high due to the fewer number of cases handled.
  • The Clinic’s success rates also reflect their success in helping childless couples with very few chances of pregnancy and handling complex infertility cases.
  • It is also advised to check the donor programs conducted through the centers and the success rates of such donor programs.

IVF success rates are an important consideration while you select a suitable IVF center or specialized Infertility treatment doctor to treat your infertility condition and help you have a child. Connect with OMYA Fertility Centre for details of our IVF lab that has a high-quality air filtration system installed.
The air quality in the lab has a huge impact on the health and viability of embryos and hence on the success rate of IVF treatment.

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