Ejaculation Disorder Treatment in Delhi

Ejaculation disorders - Overview

Ejaculation is one of the prime events leading to conception. It is defined as the process of expelling the semen out of the penis through the urethra. The ejaculation process requires neurological signaling along with muscular coordination and adrenaline control to allow the flow of semen through ejaculatory ducts and the final ejection of semen.

Disorders caused during this sperm release process can be categorized into four types. They are:

Premature ejaculation : Also known as rapid ejaculation; It is a condition where ejaculation or sexual climax requires minimal sexual stimulation and is attained before the required time. It can be a life-long condition also. Psychological factors such as anxiety or depression and physical factors like diabetes can lead to early orgasm.

Men with rapid ejaculation need relaxation techniques to prolong ejaculation. This can be done through therapeutic/counseling sessions and medications.

Delayed ejaculation : This condition occurs when ejaculation happens after a long period of sexual stimulation.Some men with delayed ejaculation need 30 minutes or more of sexual stimulation to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Other men might not be able to ejaculate at all (anejaculation).Delayed ejaculation can occur occasionally or can be a life-long condition. Causes of delayed ejaculation can be due to:

  • Use of certain medications
  • Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety
  • A few neurological conditions
  • Surgery of the prostate gland
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Infections and congenital conditions
  • Hormonal disorders in men

Delayed ejaculation treatment involves medications to assist a more quick ejaculation.

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Retrograde ejaculation: This condition occurs when the semen moves into the bladder and mixes with the urine instead of moving out of the penis. Associated with urine that is cloudy after orgasm because it contains semen,dry orgasms, male infertility.Retrograde ejaculation can be caused due to any prior surgery, damage of certain spinal nerves, diabetes, and certain medications.

Men having retrograde ejaculation can undergo infertility treatments such as:

Anejaculation: Anejaculation occurs when no ejaculation takes place. In other words a man cannot attain sexual orgasm. This condition may occur in certain situations or can be permanent. A variety of factors contribute to anejaculation that ranges from the use of certain medications, a past surgery to nerve injury and prostate issues. Psychological conditions and stress too can result in anejaculation.

Treatment of anejaculation due to spinal injury involves penile vibratory stimulation that can assist the ejaculation process. Fertility treatments such as surgical sperm aspiration, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and IVF can help in getting pregnant.

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Treatment at OMYA

At OMYA infertility treatment center in Delhi, experienced specialists and andrologists provide treatment for Ejaculation disorder issue assisted by professional doctors and modern setup. They use the latest treatment with the most scientific approach to handle complex conditions with diligence and prudence.

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